2022 V1.21 PCMtuner vs. V1.20 KTM200 67 in 1 ECU Programmer

Both V1.20 KTM200 and V1.21 PCMtuner are the 2022 new professional ECU programmers with 67 modules. What are the differences and similarities between them?

Check the comparison table below.

Product name V1.21 PCMTuner 67 in 1 V1.20 KTM200 67 in 1
IMG ktm200 67 in 1
Price € 366 € 366
Software version V1.21 V1.20
Software language English, Russian English, Russian
Operating system Win7, Win10 Win7, Win10
Read & write ECU data Yes (via OBD/ Bench/ Boot Mode) Yes (via OBD/ Bench/ Boot Mode)
ECU clone Yes Yes
ECU parameter adjustment Yes Yes
ECU maintenance engineering Yes Yes
Chip tuning Yes Yes
Read ECU maps Yes Yes
Checksum correction Yes Yes
Stage1-3, gearbox tuning , LC, sportdisplay, immo off, adblue off, dpf off, dtc off, vmax, swirl off Yes Yes
Read flash and ep files Yes Yes
Powertrain adjustment Yes Yes
Support online update Yes No
VR files  supply Yes Yes
Pinout comewith Yes Yes
Helpdesk and tuner account Yes Yes
OBD2 reading Yes Yes
Cover-free wielding-free no disassembly data reading, greatly reduce the risk of destroying the ECU, bench mode Yes Yes
Cover-opening data reading, boot mode Yes Yes


  • PCMtuner V1.21 and KTM200 V1.20 can read/write ECU through OBD, Bench and Boot Modes, support the same functions, ECU models, software language and operating system.


  • Hardware configurations are different
  • Made by different manufacturers
  • Software Version: PCMtuner is V1.21, KTM200 is V1.20
  • Software update online: PCMtuner support, but KTM200 doesn’t support

Kindly notice:
The old KTM Bench, KTM Bench V1.20 and KTM Bench 3 in 1 can be updated to PCMtuner V1.21 and KTM200 V1.20 by dongle update service or buying new dongle.

 V1.21 PCMtuner Dongle with 67 Modules:
V1.21 PCMtuner Dongle

Price: €183 free shipping

V1.21 PCMtuner update service:
Cost: €73 without shipping fee

V1.20 KTM200 Dongle with 67 Modules:
V1.20 KTM200 Dongle

Price: €238 free shipping
Src: https://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/ktm200-dongle.html

V1.20 KTM200 update service:
Cost: €65 without shipping fee
Note: Make sure the old KTM bench ECU programmer bought at ebdtool.co.uk. If you want to send back the old dongle to update, the shipping cost back and forth will be on yours.

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To sum up, the 2022 V1.21 PCMtuner with 67 modules is better than 1.20 KTM200. The reason is it’s cheaper in Dongle, and it supports software updates online.

The 2022 V1.21 PCMtuner 67 in 1 ECU programmer can be pre-ordered at 366EUR, the price will rise up to 458EUR after Feb 28th.

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