2022 V1.27 PCMTuner Best Price at eobdtool.co.uk: Only 404 Euros (EU/UK Ship No Tax)

To celebrate the 13th anniversary of the launch of eobdtool.co.uk, all best-selling products are available at the lowest price. There are two methods to get V1.27 PCMTuner ECU programmer at the best price. One is to directly buy PCMTuner with 404 Euros (EU/UK Ship). The other one is to buy the hot-sale product for 100 Euros or more, and you will have a chance to join a lucky draw to win PCMTuner as a gift.

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You also can buy a PCMtuner bundle package at the best price, such as PCMTuner USB Smart Dongle, PCMTuner+ Kess V2+ KTAG, PCMtuner+GT105+GT107, PCMTuner+ VXDIAG VCX SE+ Godiag Breakout Tricore Jumper Cable.

Check https://www.eobdtool.co.uk/producttags/pcmtuner-sales.html


Why do you need a PCMTuner Magic Car Tool?

  1. Master version, read and save data in Bin format, data is not encrypted
  2. PCMtuner V1.2.7, PCMflash V1.2.0
  3. Free update online, no annual fee, no monthly fee
  4. Work offline, VR NEED online. Read/Write VR (freely activate VR account for users).
  5. Helpdesk supply free Damaos for tuner (Free damaos as WinOLS damaso file, WinOLS damaos and MAP package, Offer Pinout Diagram with Free Damaos for Users)
  6. With integrated scanmatik2. The smart dongle is compatible with the original scanmatik2 pro/openport 2.0.
  7. All license for 67 modules are in PCMtuner Smart USB Dongle
  8. Newly add MG1 MD1 EDC16 MED9.1 protocol, need buy PCMtuner Fetrotech Plug
  9. With the help of Godiag GT107 DSG Cable, you are able to read and write gearbox data for DQ250, DQ200, VL381, VL300, DQ500 and DL501
  10. It is compatible with most applications that require a J2534 PassThru device (Techstream, Forscan, IDS and ODIS etc)
  11. Two Years Warranty
  12. Ship from EU/UK, fast delivery no tax


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In conclusion, PCMtuner is a powerful and cost-effective ECU Chip Tuning tool to read and write ECU data via OBD, BENCH, BOOT and OBD-vr modes. It not only can perform a complete backup of ECU data, easy ECUs clones, and power upgrades, but also support gearboxes reading and writing for the current most models on the market, covering Chinese/European/Japanese/some American cars, and also supports some Volkswagen Audi gearboxes and models equipped with Delphi control systems. It has a tuner account, free VR files and Damaos for users. Moreover, you can enjoy a large number of online technical support accounts and services. It’s worth having!


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