How to Install and Activate MPM Software for GM ECU Reading

MPM ECU Chip Tuning Tool user guide:

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  • MPM Software Installation
  • MPM Software activation
  • MPM Read GM ECU


MPM Software version:
VCM Suite (VCM Scanner) V4.10.4
Operating system: Windows 7/Windows 10

MPM Chip Tuning Tool Software Installation & Activation Guide

Step 1: Free Download MPM software
Method 1: Free download by mega link below directly
Size: 191.1 MB
No password

Method 2: Visit to download the MPM Drivers and PCM Suite in sequence
Click “Download” in the function bar at the top of the website
Select “MPM Drivers”
Enter your email and mobile phone number, and click “Download”
After MPM Drivers is downloaded, back to the website and select “PCM Suite” to download, also need email and mobile phone number.

Extract the folders

Step 2: Install and activate pcmtuner software

Check pcmtuner software installation guide

Step 3: Install MPM Driver and activate software
After PCMTuner activation, connect the MPM ECU Chip Tuning Tool to the computer via the USB cable and install the MPM driver
Go to computer Management>> Device Manager>> Other devices>> HP Tuners MPM>> Update driver
Select ‘Browse for drivers on your computer’ to search for MPM driver
Then click “Next”

Run PCMTuner software
Click the “MPM Plug” menu option, it will start the internal download, you can get all the plug-in files.
After the download is complete, restart the PCMTUNER software, and then click “MPM Plug”

Fill in the activation password again, and you can obtain the activation password in the following two ways:
Method 1: Open the official website www.tuner, foreign customers can add technical staff’s “whatsapp” number and send Hardware ID to them to get activation password.

If you are a Chinese user, please contact, then send the Hardware ID, and you will receive an activation password.

Method 2: Log into the website with your email and serial number, click “Create new ticket” and enter the Hardware ID to submit the activation.
The engineer will send you an activation code within 24 hours. After obtaining the activation password, please operate as shown below:

How to read GM ECU data by MPM Tuning Tool?


Make sure the connection between MPM ECU Chip Tuning Tool, ECU, GODIAG GT105 and tricore cable are correct

Click the desktop shortcut MPM to run the software, do not open the VCM editor directly, the device can be connected to the Internet or disconnected from the network.
In order to ensure stability, it is recommended to use offline mode during reading and writing process.
Check: MPM and GODIAG GT105 Breakout Tricore OBD2 Read GM Engine ECU

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