How to Use PCMTuner 1.21 and PCMFlash Software?

PCMtuner software contains PCMtuner 1.21 and PCMflash software. Many customers want to know the difference between them, and what can be done. Check this post to get more details.

Firstly, let’s see the unboxing of PCMTuner ECU programmer.
The PCMTuner package contains the following items.
1pc x PCMTuner hardware
1pc x Power adapter
1pc x Bench and Boot cable
1pc x USB cable
1pc x OBD2 cable
1pc x Smart dongle
It will come with the PCMtuner software CD as well.
pcmtuner package

You also can download the software from us or official website
Then install the software one by one according to PCMTuner V1.21 Software Download + Driver Installation Guide.
After the installation is completed, you should connect PCMTuner device to the computer, plug in the smart dongle to the laptop, and connect bench cable to ECU according to the PCMTuner PINOUT, then connect to PCMtuner hardware DB15 port.
pcmtuner donglepcmtuner connect laptop

Now, it’s ready to use.
You can see PCMflash and PCM Tuner applications on the desktop.

So, what can the two programs do?

It is mainly used to see the wiring diagram. It can be updated online.

Operation path:
ECU OPERATIONS>> VEHICLE TYPE>> Car brand>> car model>> Show>> Bench>> INSTRUCTIONS

Note:The definition of cables is different for different devices, so the wiring diagram inside is not universal for all devices.

  • PCMflash:

It is mainly used for reading and writing ECU. You can open it in PCM Tuner program or directly run the PCM Flash icon on the desktop.

Operation path:
ECU OPERATIONS>> VEHICLE TYPE>> Car brand>> car model>> Show>> Bench>>
READ and WRITE>> Select the ECU type>> Identification>> Read
Read out the ECU data and save the file.

Note: PCM flash upgrade requires a new dongle. The version of the dongle corresponds to the version of the PCMTuner software, and the new version requires a new dongle.
Attach the 2022 PCMTuner ECU programmer unboxing and operation video.

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