PCMTuner 1.22 Solved French Users Cannot Connect Network Problem

Some French customers gave feedback that they failed to connect network when using PCMTuner 1.21 software. The PCM Tuner official engineer deals with this problem urgently and fixes the bug.

So if you have the same problem, check your current version 1.21, and it will prompt you to update to PCMTuner V1.22 with the message ‘There is new version 1.2.2 available. You are using version This is required update. Press OK to begin updating the application.’

Just connect network to update directly, and it will solve the problem.

Pcmtuner software can be updated online continuously. Update it when the software program shows you an Update available with a new version.

Kindly notice:
The PCM flash software update is done thru buying a new PCMTuner USB dongle when the new version comes out.
pcmtuner usb dongle

The current version is 1.20. If it asks you to update to V1.25 or higher online, DON’T UPDATE!
Update by dongle ONLY!

If you have the following problem, get the solution from PCMTuner Common Problems & Solutions.

  • PCMTuner activation error ‘User is not active. Contact Support”
  • PCMTuner tuner-box.com login password cannot be found
  • PCM tuner Device not found
  • PCMTuner Dongle chip legs are not soldered to the board


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