PCMTuner and ECU Bench Tool, Any Difference?

PCMTuner Magic Car Tool and ECUHELP ECU Bench Tool are both new ECU programmers coming out in 2022. With their own software, both not only can read and write ECU on bench without opening the ECU, but also supports virtual files/ecu tuning file downloading, DPF EGR REMOVE, DTC OFF, etc ECU service. The main difference is ECUHELP ECU Bench Tool supports Bosch EDC16, MG1 MD1 and VAG Volvo ME9 while PCMTuner doesn’t. Read more details in this post.

Both are Master version
Available operating system: Win10, Win7 (may need to install NET Framework)
The same functions supported:

  • ECU clone
  • ECU parameter adjustment
  • ECU parameter adjustment
  • ECU maintenance engineering
  • Chip tuning
  • Read ECU maps
  • Checksum correction
  • Stage1-3, LC, sportdisplay, immo off, adblue off, dpf off, dtc off, vmax, swirl off (Optional Payable Function)
  • Read flash and ep files
  • Powertrain adjustment
  • Helpdesk and tuner account
  • Cover-free wielding-free no disassembly data reading, greatly reduce the risk of destroying the ECU, bench mode.


1. Package
PCMTuner Magic Car Tool
1pc x BENCH/BOOT Cable
1pc x OBD Cable
1pc x Power Adapter
1pc x Master Interface
1pc x USB cable
1pc x Smart Dongle
pcmtuner package

1pc x BENCH Cable
1pc x Power Adapter
1pc x Master Interface
1pc x USB Cable
ecu bench tool package

2. Function
PCMTuner can perform the following functions while ECU Bench Tool cannot.

  • Read and write ECU via OBD/Bench/Boot (ECU Bench Tool only supports bench mode)
  • Read and write gearbox
  • Gearbox tuning
  • Pinout comewith

3. Language
PCMTuner: English, Russian
ECU Bench Tool: English

4. Software

  • pcmtuner v1.24: check wiring diagram
  • pcmflash v1.20: read& write ECU via OBD/Bench/Boot
  • VZperformance: for tuner support, have VR file and many damaos


ECU Bench Tool:

  • ECUHelp 2.0: check wiring diagram, download VR files and tuning files and support ECU service
  • EBT- Amt Bench Service Tool software (AMT BST): Read & write ECU via Bench

5. Update & Subscription


  • PCMtuner software can be updated online, no subscription, no annual fee
  • PCMflash software update by dongle (It cannot update directly! It is done thru buying a new PCMTuner USB dongle when the new version comes out.)


ECU Bench Tool:
Both ATM BST and ECUHelp Update Online

6. ECU Types Support
ECU Bench Tool supports the following ECU models on bench but PCMTuner doesn’t.

  • Bosch MDG1 based on Motorola MPC5777 / Aurix TC2xx microprocessor
  • Bosch EDC16 based on Motorola MPC5xx microprocessor.
  • VAG/VOLVO MED9 based on Motorola MPC5xx microprocessor (Other brands using ME(D)9 are currently not supported, will be added in future)

PCMTuner ECU Support List
ECU Bench Tool Support List

7. ECU Tuning Service
PCMTuner: Download VR files for free+ Pay for tuning file
ECU Bench Tool: Pay for VR files& tuning file

8. Price
PCMTuner: €475
ECU Bench Tool: €313

In a word, if you want to read and write ECU via OBD/boot, or read and write gearbox, choose PCMTuner ECU programmer. If you have a smaller budget and want to do Bosch MDG1, EDC16, VAG/VOLVO MED9 ECU clone, choose ECU Bench Tool ECUHELP.

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