PCMTuner Common Problems and Solutions (Newest)

Here have collected the newest and complete common problems and solutions for PCMTuner Magic Car Tool.


1.PCMTuner file integrity violated

pcmtuner newest common problems and solutions 1


It’s an anti-virus software problem etc.

Just need to close the anti-virus software and reinstall PCMTuner software.



2.PCMTUNER account is not activated when installing pcmtuner software on other computers


Contact our customer service to activate the software again or use a new email address to register.


3.PCMTuner only one instance at a time

pcmtuner newest common problems and solutions 2


The possible cause is that customer runs too much software.

Restart the software or close pcmtuner in the task manager


4.PCMTuner software Win7 installation error ‘The system cannot find the file specified’

pcmtuner newest common problems and solutions 3


Lack NET.Framework 4.8

Download and install NET. Framework 4.8


Run setup as admin, disable all antivirus and real-time scans.


5.PCMTuner USB Dongle is not accessible

pcmtuner newest common problems and solutions 4


The reason is that upgraded pcmflash by mistake.

Do not upgrade PCMFlash software.

Please uninstall PCMFlash1.2.5, reinstall 1.20 software (close the anti-virus software) and restart the software

Pcmflash v1.20 download link:


Video reference:

6.PCMflash unable to use selected interface (J2534: Scanmatik- SM2 USB)

pcmtuner newest common problems and solutions 5


That’s driver problem.

Uninstall and reinstall the Scanmatik driver


Video reference:

7.No PCMtuner icon on the desktop after installation

PCMTuner icon does not appear on the desktop after installing the pcmtuner software, and the pcmflash scanmatik and dongle driver is installed cyclically and repeatedly


Step 1. Turn off the anti-virus software on the computer

Go to taskbar settings>>Home>> update& security>> Windows defender>> open windows defender security center>> virus & threat protection >> virus & threat protection settings

Turn off the items ‘Real-time protection’ and ‘Cloud-based protection’

pcmtuner newest common problems and solutions 6 1

Step 2. Install Net. Framework 4.8 on the windows system

The Net. Framework 4.8 patch can be downloaded from Microsoft’s official website or downloaded here.

Step 3. Reinstall PCMTuner software

Video reference:

8.VZ-performance account not activated

pcmtuner newest common problems and solutions 6


Make sure pcmtuner has been activated and the user name & password are correct.

User Name = registered Email

Password= PCMtuner Serial Number


9.Login www.tuner-box.com official website appears 419 error

pcmtuner newest common problems and solutions 7


Use Mozilla Firefox to log in


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