PCMTuner Problem & Solution: Activation+ Change Computer+ Smart Dongle Chip Welding/Get Hot

We have about 8 thousand PCMTUNER users in short 2 months. We also get some user feedback about the pcmtuner activation and Smart Dongle quality problem. Here share the related common problems and solutions.

  • PCMTuner activation

It needs to offer email address to dealer to activate PCMTuner ECU programmer. It’s not convenient and takes much time to wait.

PCMTuner factory has improved this problem now.
As long as you registered the PCMTuner software, you have already active the device at the same time. No longer provide your email address to your dealer for activation.


  • PCMTuner cannot use once changing computer

Sometimes, customer wants to use PCMTuner on other computers, but it needs to contact dealer to cancel the software registration and activate again.

PCMTuner factory has fixed this problem now. You can use PCMTuner on different computers with different available email addresses. One computer only supports one email address for activation. You can use multiple computers at the same time without logging out of other accounts you want.


Problem 1:
There are some boots on the Dongle don’t weld to their PCB.
pcmtuner smart dongle pcmtuner dongle

It’s not quality problem. It’s specially designed by PCMTuner team for safety factor. They don’t let the chip be fully welded to the PCB. Because if user welds the chip or anyone tries to touch it, the dongle will damage soon and lock.

Problem 2:
The PCMTuner Dongle gets hot when it’s working.

It’s normal. Any PCB operation will expand heat, so it can be protected from damage due to high temperature.

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