PCMTuner Read & Write ECU Test Report and Tips

Here are some customer test reports about Pcmtuner Magic Car Tool. Have already tested on Audi A5 Bosch EDC17CP04, BMW Bosch MEV17.2.1, PSA EDC17C60, VAG DQ200 DQ250, VW Golf 2.0 TDI Bosch EDC17C64, Ford Connect 2014 Continental SID 807EVO. Some are failed by using the incorrect mode or others, so also offer the using tips here.

Test 1: Read Audi A5 Bosch EDC17CP04:
Audi A5 Bosch EDC17CP04

1. Failed to read ecu with pcmtuner on bench using bench module 71

2. Try the wiring diagram from dimsport, reconnect and read again
On bench select the correct eeprom family for identification.
Some succeed in reading edc17cp14 on bench.

3. Try OBD mode as well. Edc17cp14 via obd very good with pcm tuner.
For older CP04/CP14 it’s is better to use OBD protocol module 50 as EDC17U01/U05/CP04/CP14 use can communication.
Connect charger adds extra safety 13.8v+



There is no “vr mode”

Vr simply means the file is virtual and not from the actual ECU

  1. After identified you have hw and SW numbers

2 go to vz-performance and search for the file you need with the details
3 download the file and modify for tuning etc
4 write file via obd

Test 2: Read BMW Bosch MEV17.2.1 Flash and EEPROM:
Use PCMtuner v1.22 to test on BMW 3 series Bosch mev17.2.1 full read flash and eeprom.
Bench 71 protocols for tc1796
Super fast

Steps to read and write:

  • Connect the ECU and the PCMTuner by a universal cable
  • Connect the laptop and pcmtuner by USB cable
  • Connect pcm tunerand Power adapter
  • Go to read and write the ECU


Connect method:
1a t58 connect A1
1b t58 connect A4
6a t58 connect A5
1c t58 connect B6
14c t58 connect B5
11d t88 connect B7
29c t88 connect B8

MCU is TC1796
Don’t forget to choose 71 protocols TC1796 FLASH and EP for read.
All checksum are auto do.

Test 3: Read and write PSA EDC17C60 by service mode (Tport Off):
EDC17c60 works fine with pcmtuner on bench after manual change tprot. It does not kill ecu.
What need to do is disable Tport manually (make tprot off with hex or OLS).

If don’t disable Tport manually, car doesn’t start after write flash.

Here is the reason:
This is a known problem of original pcmflash v1.20. PCMTuner 1.20 does not know how to bypass PSA protection at the moment.
pcmflash 1.21 corrects the problem with patch. Apparently with the current version you have to manually edit the otp area before writing.
You need to manually edit tprot off.

This is fix for DTC to try
2CDB78 => 0000 => 2CDB7C
Patch for write protection

or check here:
ORI: 2D 0F 00 00 DF 32 04 80 1D C8 D6 A4 00 or 2D 0F 00 00 DF 32 04 80 1D C8 8E 83 00

2D 0F 00 00 DF 32 04 80 00 00 00 00 00
Need change bit XX with 00
2D 0F 00 00 DF 32 04 80 XX XX XX XX XX XX

There is also third-party software for tprot off and immo off, i,e Multi Remover Tool

Test 4: Read and write VW Golf 2.0 TDI Bosch EDC17C64:

Virtual reading, writing, checksum correction is all done via bench and OBD mode without issue. After installing the pcmtuner software, select the corresponding protocol and follow the schematic diagram to connect Bosch ECU EDC17C64 and pcmtuner ecu programmer.
Run PCMTuner, select ECU protocol in Module 71
Read data, then write data
Checksum correction is done
Verification and transferring data
PCM Tuner Write EDC17 data successfully.

Test 5: Read Ford Connect 2014 Continental SID 807EVO:
It failed the first time, because I connect the ecu and pcmtuner via bench, and choose OBD protocol module 53 in pcmflash software to read and write.

The correct way is that read it on pcm with obd adapter. Do not use bench.
It’s an obd supported ecu, so connect pcm with adapter directly to car’s obd2 port and then read
Install ecu back on car first, use OBD2 cable.

KTAG is also ok, but need luck!

Many failed with ktag clone, but some read and write with ktag EU clone (red or purple board).
For everyone who wants to do 807 evo, it is possible with ktag clone red pcb 7.020, k-suite 2.25.
protocols continental sid 807 ford TPROT8 PROTOCOL 511
Connect obd2 cable from ktag to car and turn on the ignition
it will start to read, when it goes on 100% it will tell you that is successful and that you can remove the unit and disassemble ecu
after that use pinout that is on photos of ktag
3x12v, use orange wire for an additional 12v..2 red and 1 orange!
ground black, CAN high, CAN low
3 boot and 1 cf.
i have used stable power supply, not the one from ktag!

Hope it help!

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