PCMTuner Tuner-Box and VZ-performance Accounts User Guide

With your PCMTuner register email address and password, you can login tuner-box.com to create ticket support, and login Support.vz-performance to download VR file and many damaos, etc. Check how to use your account carefully.


tuner-box.com and Support.vz-performance account:
User name=email address
Password=serial number
The serial number can be found from PCMtuner software as shown below.

How to use tuner-box.com?
Access to https://tuner-box.com/
Click ‘Login’ with the available email address and password
Then you can create technical support questions or report problems

Click ‘Create new ticket’
Input the subject, description, also can attach the related file for checking
Then click ‘Submit’ (see the image below)

How to use Support.vz-performance?
Access to https://support.vz-performance.com/
Enter username and password, then click ‘LOGIN’

  • Dashboard:

It will show any file requests or uploads you have made for modification, etc

  • Search:

You can search for original files, damos, map packs via the search bar.

For example:
Enter the ecu type edc17c49, then you can see the related Map packs and ori files in the system.
Just click ‘Download’ to save to your computer

  • Create new ticket:

You can upload your original file for modification like DPF off.

  • Account Settings:

You can change password and download the installation software.

PCMTuner team will add diagnostic software and loggers available in the future.
Stay tuned!

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