(Solved) PCMTuner Bench Not Working

Some customers asked why PCMTuner Magic Car Tool failed to work via bench mode. The PCMTuner Team has solved this problem now. You just need to replace transistors on your PCMTUNER ECU programmer yourself or at the local repair shop. The PCMTuner factory will add two transistors to the package in the future.

Caused the error reason:
Use other power supply not PCMTuner will burn the device.
If you use OBD for power supply, please do not plug in a separate 12V, otherwise, it will cause the device transistor or step-down chip to burn.

MUST USE PCMtuner professional power supply!
If you use your own lab power and voltage regulator. You don’t know how device power works. Just adjust the voltage to 13.5 or whatever you think will cause the whole triode to burn out.

The solution:
Replace PCMTuner transistors.
Make sure the device and ecu connection via bench cable is proper before changing.
Select the correct protocol (ECU model) in pcmflash software when reading or writing ECU.

Which transistors need to be replaced?

  • N1 transistor: with MMUN2113LT1G
  • N2, N3 transistor: with MMUN2211LT1G

The corresponding positions are marked below:

  • Q3, Q9, Q10, Q11 transistor: with MMBT2222A-7-F

The corresponding positions are marked below:

Here is some newest customers’ feedback after changing transistors.
Feedback 1:
Hi, I repair my PCMTuner and help other users with similar problems.
All work, edc17cp45, edc17c06 tested bench mode.

Feedback 2:
Resoldered two transistors K1P, and workbench mode. One soldered K1P other analog P1P, I have only one K1P.

Feedback 3:
I’ve had the transistors replaced. I took the pcmtuner tool to an electrical repair specialist (who repairs televisions and computers etc) and it’s now working perfectly fine. The person/repair specialist replaced the q11 transistor, with MMBT2222A transistor.


Here are all wiring diagrams (Module 58/61/71) for PCMTuner users, which are convenient for you to quickly view the wiring diagram offline without network, and also for some users who only have pcmtuner dongle.
Check PCMTuner 58, 61, 71 protocols instruction

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