How to Update and Activate PCMTuner Flash 1.2.7?

In the previous post, we have informed that PCMTuner Flash V1.2.7 has added new Fetrotech Plugin and new UI interface from August 3rd, 2022. But some users don’t know how to update and activate the software correctly, and also confuse pcmflash and pcmtuner flash. So this article will guide you the related operation instruction.


  1. What is the difference between pcmflash and pcmtuner flash?

Name of software and credits inside it

No logo pcmflash.

Not possible update Pcm flash v 1.20.


  1. How to update PCMTuner software to V1.2.7?


Click Download>> PCMTuner Flash

Enter email address and password to download PCMTuner Flash setup

Note: Remember to always run setup as admin and disable any strict firewall etc.

pcmtuner v1.2.7 update activate 1

You also can download PCMTuner flash software by this mega source:


  1. How to activate PCMTuner 1.2.7?

It needs to reactivate pcmtuner device for software installation.

Please provide your PCMTuner ID (not serial number) to to get a registration key. The pcmtuner factory will send back the activation code to you soon.

Note: The device hardware ID can be found on the back of the pcmtuner.

pcmtuner v1.2.7 update activate 2

For the old user, if there is no device ID on the back, please contact your supplier to get it activated.

If get PCMTuner Dongle only, send the dongle image along with the displayed code to us.


Step-by-step guide to activate PCMTuner V1.2.7:

Step 1: When you run the pcmtuner flash for the first time, it will display a code. Pls copy it and press Ctrl+V to send us according to the notice.

Step 2: Download the license that we send back to you

Step 3: Copy the license to here C:\Program Files (x86)\PCMtuner Flash

Step 4: Now you can run the pcmtuner flash app.

Kindly notice:

Always save and backup your license

1 pcmtuner 1 license

1 pcmtuner most active on 3 laptops


If after copying the REG key for PCMtuner flash and you still have problems, please set the Language regional settings as per these Images.

Change the language Unicode as world wide beta version, language Unicode as English (United States) or China simplified (its Unicode does not display language), then restart your laptop.

Path: Settings>> Language>> Windows display>> Windows display language>> Administrative language settings>> Region Settings>> Current system locale: English (United States) or Chinese (Simplified, China), tick ‘Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support’

pcmtuner v1.2.7 update activate 3 1 pcmtuner v1.2.7 update activate 4 1 pcmtuner v1.2.7 update activate 5 1 pcmtuner v1.2.7 update activate 6 1

Open the internal license of the folder by default PCMtuner Flash will work. If it does not work, the digital license may be regarded as a virus killing. Please request a new certificate.

Path: PCMtuner license>> Open with >> Choose another app>> PCMtuner Flash in this PC>> PCMtuner Flash.exe>> Open

pcmtuner v1.2.7 update activate 7 pcmtuner v1.2.7 update activate 8

If you get an error PCMTuner Flash Not Found, pls download from

pcmtuner v1.2.7 update activate 6

Note: This is specific only if you have updated pcmtuner app and have the message cannot find pcmtuner flash. Do not install if you do not have this issue!

How to install PCMtuner flash Guide:

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