100% Solution for KESS V2 error connections not established

KESS V2 got error “Connections not established” when I prepare to install ksuite, shown as follows.

kess connection not established-01

Possible reason:

1) Computer system is incompatible

2) Network connection

3) Software file is destroyed, need to reinstall.


  • Computer system requirement (OS): Better install ksuite on windows XP 32bit, we supply the perfect version for you at:


Why the user is supposed to install ksuite on XP pro, take kess v2 fw4.036 for example, before install it, you need to install Microsoft C++2005, if you change other XP system, C++ may be not 2015 version and lead ksuite fw4.036 not successfully installed.

Some user tested ksuite okay on Win 7 32bit, download at:


2) Network connection: Do not connect to the network connection, otherwise ksuite may be locked.

3) Reinstall ksuite (Please note: in the CD, there are one video demo for instruction)

Installation procedure:

1)open ksuite.sfx in the CD


kess connection not established-02

2) open “Driver_USBDEVICEDRV…” and install USBDEVICEDRV

install driver-03

3) Cut Ksuite folder in C:disk (Now we call it old Ksuite folder)

open ksuite-04

4) Delete Ksuite.exe

delete ksuite-05

5) Paste Ksuite folder to desktop

paste ksuite-06

6) Download K-tag setup installation software to laptop, and run it, it will generate another “Ksuite”  folder on Disk C, we call it new Ksuita folder)

install ktag setup-07

7) Delete “K-tag setup installation software” and “Setup” icon on the desktop

kess connection not established-08

8) Right click “K-suite” icon on the desktop and click “Find Target” to open new Ksuite folder.

kess connection not established-09

9) Copy all files in old Ksuite folder and Paste them all to the new Ksuite folder in C: Ksuite.

kess connection not established-10 kess connection not established-11

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