How to Download+ Install+ Register+ Activate Software for New KT200 ECU Programmer

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Here shares the user guide of New KT200 ECU programmer.   Main contents: Where to download New KT200 software? How to install New KT200 software? How to register New KT200 account? How to activate New KT200? How to install New KT200 driver?   New KT200 overview: New KT200 ECU Programme Continue Reading →

How to Fix CG FC200 “The device is not licensed for this language” Problem?

cg fc200 activate change language 1

Customer problem: I want to change the language of my CG FC200 to Polish, but I get the prompt “The device is not licensed for this language, please contact the developer.” Does it mean Polish is not supported? How to do? For this problem, the engineer of gives the solution belo Continue Reading →

Read and Write PSA Mev17.4 TC1766/1796 on Bench with foxFlash or PCMtuner

rw psa mev17.4 tc1766 1796 on bench pcmtuner or foxflash 3

One customer gave feedback: FoxFlash did not read PSA Mev17.4 on Bench, with 12v and 13.5v. If MEV17.4 TC1766 Peugeot could be read with PCMtuner?     Answer: Both work but there are 3 possible pinouts. Confirm the wires of terminals are connected well.   Pinout 1   Pinout 2 & Continue Reading →

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