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Here collect 7 frequently asked questions and answers on Carprog Clone. Hope it helps.

  1. Carprog 4.74 can’t open, where to download CarProg v8.21?

After all procedures can’t open carprog program now.

After all procedures can’t open carprog program now.

CarProg v8.21 full fw download!o8BmXCxR!9NmLnlQbU-JrCEC8Tqf4LA


Question: i updated firmware from 4.01 to 4.74 but still have some functions n/a (eg skoda auto detect or obd)
with firmware 4.01 these functions was active. what i did wrong?

Answer: Flashed with 8.21 firmware and much more functions available.

Question: anyone can confirm which is pin 55? Is it left side from top to bottom number 7 is pin 55?

Answer: Exactly you are correct. It is from top to bottom number 7. Now lift it.

If you are using J-link software, let pin55 up until the end of programming, then solder pin55 to ground like in the picture attached.

I did this way and worked perfectly.

Question: I want to replace these tantalum capacitors in A1 adapter, but the replacement must be exact like the originals?
The originals have 106C 49E73 written. Must I find capacitors with the same numbers?


the top numbers are the value, the letter is the tolerance while the second row are just batch numbers so if you are replacing then yes the value numbers in your case must be the same ie 106C, is 10uf
some have a maximum voltage stamped as well but in your case you have to work out the maximum voltage of the board and then add some extra so I would use 25v rated or 35v rated if you are going to use the unit on 24v trucks.


Question: Can someone explain in normal English what carprog is for. Would be nice without (for me) unknown short tags.
So what/which cars can I do with it?

Answer: It is for resetting airbag modules for old models after car crushing.

more details:

Question: Can someone tell me where to buy A1+ adapter for Chinese carprog?

Answer: directly from this one eur13 here


  1. 7.

Question: So found just paid solution get replaced MCU,I’m right?

Answer: no need to replace mcu, it can be erased and reflashed with newest free firmware.

Question: I bought clone carprog v10.05 but most of functions is not available. Is problem with software or firmware? Can I use different version like 7.27 or I need to use software provided seller?

Answer: software is software firmware is firmware
your carprog is most likely got firmware 4 in it
and your wanting what your activation file won’t have.

I’ ll keep add more here for your reference.

Hope it helps.

Carprog Clone frequently asked questions and answers

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