CarProg Error: Damaged Parts – 4 Solution

CarProg Error: Damaged Parts – 4… How to solve? Here you go


Go to build a A9 – CarProg Hardware Test adapter on your own



Carprog A9 adapter pinouts


If you think it difficult, buy one from the Carprog original
Then, make the A9 Adapter and everything will be OK in the end

carprog-Damaged-parts-4-solution-2 carprog-Damaged-parts-4-solution-1

carprog-Damaged-parts-4-solution-5 carprog-Damaged-parts-4-solution-3 carprog-Damaged-parts-4-solution-4

Maybe, some guys may be unlucky if even do so. And that is another possible reason:

the Voltage is too large and heat is not good —> overheating then burn the 4th mcu chip. Replace the 4th chip using a heat gun or sent it back to seller to repair your carprog full.

You might want to know:

Carprog adapters full kit:

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Carprog A6 adapter used for EEPROM in-circuit programming and can be used with all CARPROG software – dashboard, immobiliser, airbag and others.:

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