Free download Carprog Full 11.35 software

Free download Carprog 11.35 software:!xQJg3Awa!cbg7vEgiVySaNr23aUJP51barV1YuZW48LRh4nwF5nY


Version: 11.35

Security: Unknown! it’s your own risk!



For sake of safety,

You’re advised to use CARPROG 10.93 – the latest version that’s tested by professionals

This is the installation instruction

Part 1: Carprog 10.93 full version install (No need activation)

Open Carprog 10.93 disk

Copy “Carprog” folder to desktop

Open “Computer Management”–>”Device Manager”

Select “Human Interface device”

Check“USB Human Interface Device”

Open “Carprog” folder,then run “Carprog 9.31”

Check the option “I Agree” to available.

Select “EEPROM” and to choose one of chip types to confirm the v9.31 work

Exit carprog v9.31 and run “carprog 10.93”

Check the “I Agree” option

Select “EEPROM” and read “93C46”,it work correctly.



Part 2: Carprog 10.93 online version install (Need activation)

Establish a new folder “Carprog 10.93” on Desktop

Open Carprog 10.93 disk

Copy files (except “carprog821.rar”) to folder “Carprog 10.93”

Run “Carprog v821” resister tool and copy hardware ID to a Notepad “8.21” established on Desktop

Sent your “Hardware ID” to your carprog dealer,them will give you “name” and “key” to register

Carprog 8.21 registration success!

Then check it available

Run “Carprog 10.93”

Accept the agreement

Check Carprog 10.93 interface and exit.

Open “Computer Management”

Select “USB Human Interface Device”, Then “HID-compliant device”

Again run “Carprog v821” and read EEPROM 93C46: success!

Then run “Carprog 10.93” and operate to read EEPROM 93C46:success!

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