Free Download of Xprog M 5.5.5 Flash Files for You

First comes the free download link of Xprog M 5.5.5 flash files!kcJzHKiI!oODgrezoNa22lTLVo4Fc3_5QL3FQQ0yzRqVDc5a_FV0



In xprog choose atmega64 >>> PROJECT >> FILES, and load FLASH, EEPROM and CONFIGURATION files >> Firts ERASE DEVICE… after >> WRITE and all be ok…”


All u need a cople of resistors and a LPT port, make reflash xprog v5 with ponyprog! i make self adapter with 4 resistor 330ohm. its work super. i put here schematic for adapter. Make all 330ohm resistor. not 100ohm like in picture. Work good. VCC 5V i put via usb xprog.

Thanks to @jakesman (MHH forum poster) for his contribution.

Thanks Laurance who collect this info


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