Galletto 1260 software on BMW INPA FTDI based cable (fixed)

Galletto1260 cable and BMW INPA K+DCAN cable both are cheap FTDI based cables. INPA takes 2 euro more than Galletto cable, why should I modify the INPA cable to work with galletto software? I already have an INPA cable and I need software to talk to my E46 ECU. So I modified the cable a little bit.
You don’t need a Galletto cable to run this software. What you do need is to edit the executable to match the serial number of your FTDI FT232R based cable (INPA, EDIABAS OBD2 cable etc). The serial is stored at offset 0x249E90 in the galletto executable (shown below). The serial number is 47514789. You need it to match the serial stored in your flashing cable.
You need a HEX editor and a program called M-Prog (FT-prog) which can be downloaded here:
Unzip/install the software program. Open it, and select READ AND PARSE in the TOOLS tab.  You will able to view the 8-digit-fixed serial number.
Save that number. From here you can either: Edit the galletto executable with a hex editor, browsing to the offset listed above and enter your serial number into the program, or if hex editing isn’t your thing, you can program your cable with the bundled galletto serial number. Follow these steps:
Select the FILE menu, and click on NEW button.
Select your device type: FT232R.
Once you do this, check the box titled “select serial number”. Enter the serial number shown above.
Finally, press SAVE TEMPLATE AS (it’s the small disc ICON in the menu), and specify the template name. Once it has been saved you can select PROGRAM option.
Your cable now has the serial number of all galletto bundle cables and will work when plugged in. Changing the serial number in your cable will not invalidate your nefmoto premium license. However other licensing systems may be affected. Be sure to save your previous cable details prior to reflashing your cable.
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