Galletto v54DPF delete an EDC17CP14 Jetta 2010

Purpose: I am trying to DPF delete an EDC17CP14 (USA model 2010 VW Jetta tdi dsg)

Device:I am using clone Fgtech 4 Galletto v54

I have the Galletto v54 upgraded to 0475.

I did:
I have read all (internal flash, external flash, eeprom) in boot mode with my cloneGalletto v54.

I modified the DPF switch in internal flash, and used WinOLS to calculate checksums.

Then I went back to flash in boot mode, the internal flash.

Before it even started flashing I got this error from Galletto v54:
Checksum not supported. Send original and modified files to technical support for correction.

Even original internal flash gives same error.

Not a fix, but a workaround that works:

  1. Read Original ALL with Galletto boot mode. It will give you “All” file (4,224kb), internal flash+external flash+eeprom, (in my case).
    1. Paste mod internal flash (make sure checksums are already correct) into the original ‘all’ file. Align correctly. Internal flash starts at 00, so it is easy.
    2.Triple checkthat the paste is ok!
    3. Flash modded “all” file in Galletto. This is done using “Write All” button.
    4. It takes much longer to flash a file with differences. It took about 6+ minutes on first part – internal flash. It went to 100%, then to 75% and up to 100% slowly many times. Total over 10 minutes.
    5. Read All to verify!
    6. Compare with Hex Editor.

It worked!!!

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