Got KESS v2 fw4.036 from China and test Peugeot Renault

2th April, 2015
Placed an order of kess v2 fw4.036 from 212.49 plus ==shipping.
I ordered this one:
7th April, 2015
Arrived today my fw4.036 Kess V2, They do not supply the bin or hex file with firmware, token free they tell me, no jlink here.
Installed today, tomorrow I will try if it works on kline and can
9th April, 2015
Tested today with
Peugeot 307 2.0 HDI edc15c2 kline – no id, no read
renault f9q 1.9dci edc16 can – no id, no read
I was advised: hw needs some update too….old bug like many kess units have…. so have a look at your parts….if you have not these parts, change them and it will work.
One poster post solution for example.




hardware repair solution :
W** – BCR112E
А6c – MMUN2113
6DW – BC817
Must be changed all of them, but this is a partial one : filters + capacitors is also needed N05B , cap 227 , 2907a , nfe6(filters)
an this is only the begining. Step by step based on the tests that i perform and pcs delivery from tme i will update you. I have full schematic original one  . The one i am working on is not mine .
After checking the above PCB board, I thought missing oki chip on mine.
But an experienced technician confirmed:
Oki chip was primarily for Ford J1850 PWM, but this is now done directly from the NXP, so not fitted anymore.
Finally I solved, after a little soldering rework on nxp and esmt chip read ok iaw 4af and edc17cp02


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