How to read Passat b5.5 2003 AWX edc15 by galletto and mpps16

It’s joy to read Passat b5.5 2003 AWX edc15 with galletto and mpps16.

Car model: Passat b5.5 2003 AWX edc15

Before 2000r passad have ECU MSA15 and can’t read ecu only by change of memory 2 chip HHH and LLL.

Purpose: Read ECU

Using tool:

  1. galletto:

i solved by read on table with galletto

with pin connected to ecu

no need tricore cable for that
just connect pin from ecu to OBD plug with power
ODB 7pin Kline, 4pin GND, 16pin 12v

  1. mpps16

I have same passat 2003 with awx engine and mpps16 reads it fine with no dash fuse pull ecu is edc15p.



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