How to remove FAP Filter with Galletto 1260

Note: Carry this out at your own risk !! The method has been tested on Peugeot 406 and 607 without any issues, no smoke, no turbo back pressure !

Worried about having to pay huge repair bills? How about disabling/removing the system all together safely? Well you answer is below.

Let’s go


To remove FAP/DPF, you first need to read your Engine ECU’s original file. This can be done by a Flashtool called Galletto 1260 ecu flasher.

*** Read Galletto 1260 manual:

Once you have read the file, save it as original.bin and post it here.

You will recieve a tunned modded file which you can write back to your ECU.


This step is to drill one 2 inch hole through the DPF, forget what most people suggest by drilling 5 holes like a dice, (its a waste of time). The inside of the DPF/FAP is made of ceramic which is exactly same as drilling through a wall/plaster etc (remember to put a mask on!!) I used a core drill (see the following picture) and drilled a whole right through.


Benefits of one 2 inch hole through the DPF/FAP:

No back pressure

Sounds Good

More RPM, mine now goes upto 4000rpm

Good Fuel Economy

Car runs smoother

No risk of carbon buildup


Once you have drilled the hole, all you need to do now is to put the modded file back onto your car.

BEFORE you do this, ensure you have unplugged Differential pressure sensor (leave the pipes intact) just unplug it. Unplug the upstream and downstream temperature sensors so regen doesnt kick in (407’s only have downstream sensor)

Write the modded file nodpf.bin onto your car and holla, thats it you are DPF free !!

How is it under 100?

£10 for Galletto

£15 for new copper bolts to go on DPF

£10 for core drill bit

£50 labour for taking the DPF and putting it back on in again

Note: The price will be much cheaper with the time goes by.

This is from obd tool website technical support: How to remove FAP Filter with Galletto 1260

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