How to Solve Iprog+ Pro Software Programmer Not Connected?

Problem: When I connect iProg+ Pro clone to pcf79xx adapter, and run v82 software, a message suddenly pops up “Programmer not connected” is shown as below.

Iprog+ Pro

The possible causes:

1.The connection between iprog pro and computer or adapter is incorrect.

2.The device drive doesn’t be installed successfully


The solution:

1.Please check whether the device connection refer to the following correct connection diagram

Iprog+ Pro

2.Install iprog+ pro software again

Free download link:

Password: 2nhra8

O.S: WinXP/ vista/ 7/8


Main steps to install v82 iprog+:

1.Create a new folder in any convenient place on the disk. For example [iProgProSoftware]
2Unpack the archive into the created folder
3.Go to “Computer Manager” -> “Device Manager”-> “Network adapters”-> “Other devices” ->“iProg universal programmer” -> “Update Driver software”

Iprog+ Pro

4.Select “Browse my computer for driver software”

5.Click “Browse” to select “Driver” in the iprog+ software download kit, then Next

Iprog+ Pro

6.Select “Install this driver software anyway”

When the device drive has been installed successfully, the  iprog + universal programmer (COM4) will display as below.

Iprog+ Pro

Video reference:

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