How to use Carprog v10.93 v9.31 v8.21 to read EEPROM 93C46

Hi to all,

Technicians working for today confirmed that Carprog software v10.93 v9.31 v8.21 all car able to read/verify EEPROM 93C46.

Look here…

Carprog 10.93 reads EEPROM 93C46: success!

carprog-1093-read-eeprom-5 carprog-931-read-eeprom carprog-1093-read-eeprom-1 carprog-1093-read-eeprom-2 carprog-1093-read-eeprom-3 carprog-1093-read-eeprom-4

Carprog 9.31 reads EEPROM 93C46: success!

carprog-10.93-download-install-2 carprog-10.93-download-install-1

Carprog 8.21 reads EEPROM 93C46: success!

Note that Carprog v8.21 software is different from version 10.93 and 9.21.

Version 8.21 needs activation.

Reading EEPROM 93C46

carprog-821-read-eeprom-7 carprog-821-read-eeprom-1 carprog-821-read-eeprom-2 carprog-821-read-eeprom-3 carprog-821-read-eeprom-4 carprog-821-read-eeprom-5 carprog-821-read-eeprom-6

In summary, Carprog v10.93 v9.31 v8.21 all can read and verify 93C46.

Carprog v10.93 v9.31 v8.21 read/verify EEPROM 93C46

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