Kess v2 clone SD card replacement files to fix wake up error

For those of you having problems locating the new files for a china clone Kess v2 running version 1.89 software here you are…

These files are used to Fix wake up error.

Just download the rar file and expand to folder on desktop.

Open case of Kess v2 and locate SD/TF card.

Remove card and place in card reader/writer, use adapter if needed.

Format card with FAT.

Copy the folders from desktop to card.

Replace card in Kess v2 and close case.

That’s it! Done.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: still have Wake up error after Formating to FAT(default) and replace the files. Still have wake up error reported with this vehicles:
MB E220 CDI ; EDC16 C31
VOLVO XC90 2,4D/D5 ; EDC16 C31
AUDI A3 1,8t ; ME7.5.5


Set speed to slow and provided 14-14.5v with external power supply.

It works for me, but note that the speed setting is not sticky and must be set to slow each time you read or write, also takes about 20 mins.
My Chinese Galletto v54 does it in 2 mins.
If you choose the cheaper clone option over original tools it is best to have a good selection of clones to play with e.g is such a reliable site.

Perhaps you should try your Galletto 2 before you sell it, or get a v54.

My experience with Kess v2:

Kess v2 Ksuite software-4

I’ve done EDC16U1 and EDC16U31-U34 successfully, and also done many edc15p and also vag edc16, including counter reset no problem.

It’s a Chinese clone, maybe I’m just lucky, though one of my friends has the same clone and also managed the same ECU’s. Also done a few Renault edc16’s with Kline, not had any problems. I have been using software V1.96 though, even though not all protocols are working, it’s seems to work better.

This is from OBD2 Diagnostic Tool website Auto ECU Programmer technical support:Kess v2 clone SD card replacement files to fix wake up error 

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