KTAG K-suite master clone mandatory update (fixed)

K-tag Ksuite v2.13 firmware 6.070 clone ECU tuning kit master version “mandatory update” error solution is provided.


Ktag 6.070 works good in the past days, but it suddenly required to mandatory update software today. But the K-TAG ksuite clone would never allow to be updated online. How to fix the problem?

Error message:

WARNNING: mandatory update within the next 8 programming. Connect the tool to the internet and run the update as soon as possible.


Possible reason:

There are only 8 tokens left. So you need to reset tokens.


  1. Reset tokens for Ktag
  2. If still not work, replace the TF card and reset tokens again.

Here is a video guide you to reset tokens for Ktag Ksuite fw6.070.


This is from obd tool website technical support: KTAG K-suite master clone mandatory update (fixed)

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