MPPS V18 Read and Flash Saab 9-3 1.9 TTID

I just want to share my experience about buying MPPS V18.

I’m trying to find a cable that I can use to read and flash the car with my Saab 9-3 1.9 TTID. If I understand correctly then MPPS V16 or MPPS V18 should work? But I did not fully understand and it didn’t say a lot about the diesel there only trionic5, 7 and 8. So I post at trionictuning to ask for help.


Many friends say that MPPS V18 works great. It’s easy to use.

“Just open it up and check all the components are soldered properly, for shorts (my BDM100 had a few shorts on it) and the right components are used. You may have issues with windows compatibility also, check if the software included says it supports your windows version.”

There are two versions of MPPS China clone. One comes with the missing components and different resistors.

The working MPPS v18 clone should be like this:


D1 = PESD1CAN ESD protection, U4 = PRTR5V0U2X

You must solder K line driver in empty U8 place not in U12 where is Lm2903

This schematic if it also helps.


Finally, I ordered one MPPS V18.

I want to know if somebody has the engine running whilst reading or flashing to make sure that the battery doesn’t die.

One friend replies me that I need ignition on for about 3 minutes for reading.

I don’t understand the meaning.

I think that so I turn on the ignition, turn off anything that drains battery like lights and such, connect the mpps v18 select car, and read+write? I think the read or write takes around 2 minutes if this video is accurate My plan is to read the ecu and send the file to nordic and then flash their tune onto the car.

So he explains that’s the time it takes, so make sure I have a charger if I want to be on the safe side.

Then I also wonder that “Is it possible for a “stage 2 tune” with dpf off using mpps v18?” Because someone said that it might not work so I’m not entirely sure.

Here are the answers from friends.

1.No problem whatsoever. Make sure the tool can checksum the file before writing. If the tool can’t correct the chks you’ll end up pulling the ECU and recovering in BDM

2.MPPS will do checksums just fine as well.

3.You must ensure MPPS can do checksum. I’ve had plenty of bad experiences with MPPS! Especially when it comes to Me7x Me9x.


So, I also need to how to make sure MPPS V18 can checksum before writing.

They reply me that as written several times before, then MPPS will do checksum just fine.


After some days, I receive the MPPS clone. This is how it looks inside, I think it’s fine but i’m not completely sure. I’ll try reading the ecu later today and hopefully the nordic tune flash goes well.

EDIT: ECU – Data read took around 2 minutes. Will try write once all the preparations are done.


I don’t know if I should do a full read or partial read in mpps for this. Sw a guide on youtube where they did a dpf delete with a partial read, not sure what I should do.

One user says “there is no way of doing a full read via obd so you have no options.”


Well, the write with Nordic .bin file went ok 100% complete in mpps but then the car didn’t start. Contacted the Nordic tuner, tried 4 different files, some had checksum error, length error and etc. Put original back in and car started fine. The mpps worked great for writing (2minutes) but sadly the files seemed to be at fault?


I did send the original file that i read with mpps v18, a .bin file 2mb. The tuner says that the file lacks too much information for modification but idk it’s able to start the car at least.

This is what he says the problem is.


After some discussions this is the conclusion and some things need to be cleared out:

1: MPPS can read and write the active partition of the ECU (Auto/Manual or 130/160/180hp) without issues

2: MPPS cannot use a different calibration version, needs to be the exact version that you read out and only change the maps

3: MPPS must fix the checksums, Winols and other tools will get this wrong as MPPS offsets the maps in some conditions

4: The tuner must have knowledge of the above or this will in some cases fail!


And another MPPS guide if you’re used to BDM:

1: Open MPPS file in Winols

2: Transfer the 180hp Manual map changes as usual EXCEPT for the pedal maps

3: Transfer the eventual automatic pedal maps manually



Finally, when flashing the nordic files onto the car the car did not start due to checksum problems with mpps. Through the conclusion above, the tune flash went fine, car started and performed great until something popped so the car is being inspected by my mechanic.


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