New genius K-Touch Map FAQ

Customer share about New genius:

New Genius & Flash Point Hand-held OBD2 Boot Master ECU Programmer Touch MAP
Q: Test the new genius work well, but can not do DQ250, DQ500, what’s wrong?
A: Please connect a 120r resistance between CAN High and CAN Low, when you connect OBD

Q: Does you New Genius include NG + Boot / NT Tricore, and what’s the function of module?
A: Yes, our New Genius have NG + Boot / NT Tricore, you can check the picture, if you are unable to work the new genius on your cars via OBD2, you can use NG + Boot / NT Tricore module to test

Q: I damaged the new genius tf card by mistake, could you help me how to reset it
A: There is  “TF FIX” file in the coming CD, you can use this file to fix it, but attention please:
1. you can only use the TF card coming with new genius device together, can not use any other TF card you get from the market or somewhere else
2. You must format the TF card
3. fix file “k-touch.img” must be saved on Disk D or E.It cannot be saved in folder for D or E
There is video show you how to reset new genius TF card, please kindly follow the instruction to fix it

Q: What’s the function of the 12V power cable on New Genius OBD2 Cable?
A: It is designed for some old vehicles

Q: Does K-touch support checksum?
A: No, it do not support checksum, you need do checksum with other software

Q: I try to press the tokens recovery button to recovery tokens, but the light always falsh, what’s wrong?
A: If you has never use this device, and go to recovery tokens, the light will keep flash
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