New genius K-Touch Master V5.005.003 reset TF card procedure

New genius error:

new genius error-1 new genius error-2 new genius error-3 new genius error-4

New genius error solution: reset New genius TF card!!!

Following parts step – by –step show how to reset the TF card for the New genius K-Touch Master V5.005.003 supplied by

Fix file download:

If the TF card is broken, just insert the CD into the computer, and then find out the folder “TF Fix” to fix. Or download fix file from

Step – by –step installation procedure:

Open new genius DVD, copy folder “TF FIX” to the desktop.

Open folder “TF FIX” at the desktop, cut “K-touch” Disc Image File, then paste it to D:(E: or F: is okay too).


Moving “TF FIX” from C: to D: . Note: do not put these files into any folder.


Look at following connection picture which shows how to use the SD card.

Note: change to the other TF card is disallowed; you have to use the built -in TF card.


You may get message prompting you format the removable disk, click “Ok” to format.

Open “TF FIX” folder, then folder”Win32DiskImager”, then application “Win32DiskImager”, then click “save” icon, then select “K-touch” Disc Image File, then click “Save”.

SE128-K-Touch-TF-card-04 SE128-K-Touch-TF-card-05

Click “Write”, then you get a message “Writing to a physical device….” click “Yes”.

SE128-K-Touch-TF-card-06 SE128-K-Touch-TF-card-07

Write Successfully.


Click the right corner green icon, select “Eject USB2.0-CRW”.

SE128-K-Touch-TF-card-08 SE128-K-Touch-TF-card-09

Video at YouTube is more vivid: 

This is from obdtool: Best car diagnostic tools for sale website Auto ECU Programmer technical support: New genius K-Touch Master V5.005.003 reset TF card procedure

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