New Genius Ktouch ECU programmer NG + Boot/NT Tricore

In the New Genius K-touch ECU programmer package, there is a black adapter, it is named NG + Boot / NT Tricore, what is it used for? If the user failed to read write ECU data by using the OBD cable to plug into the OBD port of vehicle, just refer to the car list and you will find it marks with “NG” shown as following picture 2, it means you need to use the NG + Boot / NT Tricore adapter.

new-genius  NG + Boot NT Tricore

Genius k-touch ECU tuning tool car ecu list:

Pic 1: this is NG + Boot / NT Tricore

Pic 2: this is a screen shoot from New Genius K-touch car list which marks with “NG” if the ECU type requires the NG + Boot / NT Tricore to read write ECU.

NG + Boot—NT Tricore


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