Nitro OBD2 chip tunning Box tested YES with Japanese car models

Post show how Nitro OBD2 chip tunning Box tested Yes with Japanese car models including Nissan, Honda, Isuzu and Toyota.

  1. Work with Nissan car
  • Installation Nitroobd2 with Nissan SYLPHY
    from the middle of the flow throttle gently kicked it up a little.

12345583_427507414111828_3520416963929135951_n nissan-01 nissan-02 nissan-03

2.) Nitroobd2 with Nissan Navara

Installation Nitroobd2 with Nissan Navara, accelerating around the sensitive around better.

Nissan Navara-01

  1. NitroOBD2 works with Honda car models

11/03/2558 14:19 AM. Installation Nitroobd2 to Honda Civic
comes from Chonburi. Track for a chance at all and install a tuning box accelerating around the sensitive accelerator pedal lightly feet. Do not pedal hard How many people attracted to every 750 with installation, and then try to Lovejoy.

civice-01 civice-02

  1. Work with Isuzu

1) Installation Nitroobd2 with Isuzu MU-7, the camera comes with this kit


isuzu-01 isuzu-02

2) Nitrobd2 install Isuzu D-Max. Mounted tuning box increases acceleration and fuel economy.

Isuzu-D-Max-01 Isuzu-D-Max-02

  1. Nitro OBD chip tunning box works with Toyota

1)Installation Nitroobd2 the Toyota FortunerGood Fortune fun driving around the sensitive torque fuel economy is clearly not disappointed with installed.

Toyota Fortuner-.01jpg

2)Nitro OBD chip tunning box works with Toyota Commuter car

Installation Nitroobd2 with Toyota Commuter. Never install two units today to take stranded added. Get back home to be even better than the already engaging customers around the pedal sensitivity is hauntingly good overtaking the dust around the force to prepare me.

Toyota Commuter car-01


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