Launch X431 ECU Programmer Clone Audi AL381 Gearbox

x431 ecu programmer clone audi al381 gearbox 4

Launch X431 ECU & TCU Programmer new tutorial: Work with X-PROG3 Adapter Cable 2 (VL381) to clone Audi AL381 gearbox TCU on PC software, easy and fast! (Launch X-Prog3 PC Adapter with X-Prog3 also can perform it.)   Here is the detailed operation guide: Make sure the PC software is downl Continue Reading →

Clone VW Ameo 2016 DQ200 Transmission Computer with Launch X-Prog3 PC Adapter and X431 X-Prog3

launch x prog3 pc adapter clone vw ameo 2016 dq200 1

How to use Launch X431 X-Prog3 PC Adapter and X431 X-Prog3 to clone VW DQ200 Transmission Computer? Check the test on a VW Ameo 2016 DQ200 TC1766.   Procedure: 1.Download and install X-Prog3 PC Adapter PC Software 2.Connect the X-PROG3 PC ADAPTOR to the computer using a cable, and then con Continue Reading →

FoxFlash ECU TCU Clone and Chip Tuning Tool Frequently Asked Questions

how to use foxflash unlock service as hptuner 1

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about FoxFlash: Install on Win7 Win10 or Win11? The answer : you can work on Windows7 Windows10 Windows 11 but you need to use 64bits system .   How to Unlock VAG Simos PCR2.1 ECU with Foxflash by OBD? Get Identity, and get an Ori, modify Ori and duri Continue Reading →

TagFlash ECU Programmer Support BENCH / OBD / BOOT / BDM / JTAG mode Full reading TCU (MICROEEROM)


TagFlash is a powerful ECU Programmer that enables the reading and programming of engine control units (ECUs) and transmission control units (TCUs) for various cars, trucks, motorcycles, Marine worldwide from Europe, USA, India, Asia, China etc. It reads and writes EEPROM and flash memory of ECUs Continue Reading →

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