V54 FGTech Galletto 4 Read/Write VAG Mercedes ECU SUCCESS list

This is user tested result for you to know: what VAG/Mercedes ECU can Read/Write by FGTech V54 Galletto 4 Master BDM-OBD? Check below for more details! V54 FGTech Galletto 4 Master VAG/MB ECU read/write SUCCESS list Mercedes Benz Mercedes C class W201 SIM4LKE Read/Write OK (Without opening up c Continue Reading →

Choose KESS V2 ? K-tag ? or Fgtech Galletto V54 ?

Different among Top 3 ECU Programmer KESS V2 V2.22 firmware V4.036_Ktag V2.13 firmware V6.070_Fgtech V54 Galletto 4: Product Name Kess V2 V2.22 SE87-C K-tag V2.13 SE80-C Fgtech v54 Galletto 4 SE61-G Function read and write the Data of Engine ECU read and write the Data of Engine ECU read a Continue Reading →

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