Two ways to read and write PCF79xx Chip

Topic: I want to read and write PCF7953 chip, which ECU programmer is good to use? I search the related info via Google, and found iprog+ clone and VVDI prog both are OK. So which is better to choose? How to use?

Yes. There are two methods to read and write PCF79xx Chip: Iprog+ Pro+ PCF79XX SD-card adapter and VVDI prog+ PCF79XX-Adapter-V2.

Check the two solutions one by one.

1.Iprog+ Pro+ PCF79XX SD-card adapter:


Function: Read and write PCF79XX chip models incl. PCF7941/ PCF7952/ PCF7953/ PCF7961 through MSDA, MSCL lines.

How to read PCF7953 chip by Iprog+ clone&+ PCF79XX SD-card adapter?

Step 1: Connect all the devices as shown in the following pictures

Step 2: Run Iprog+ Pro software

(The latest version is V82:!OhsFmC4Y!LjtenLJ58YZHPSu6E-3UWBC9rMCHhTvrT1fsiSnevF4)

Select MCU-> PCF79xx + SD-> pcfprogb_v2

Select Type of PCF: PCF7953, and click “Connect”

The LED lights on the SD-card adapter will turn off automatically

Step 3: Click “Read EEPROM”

Reading EEPROM…

After read EEPROM success, the data value will appear as below in the figure

Then you can write data depends on your need.

For your convenience, here is the video about how to read PCF7953 data by Iprog+ clone and PCF79XX SD-card adapter:

iprog+ clone + PCF79XX sd-card adapter cons:

2.VVDI prog+ PCF79XX-Adapter-V2


Function: Read and write PCF79XX chip models incl. PCF7941/ PCF7952/ PCF7953/ PCF7961/ PCF7922/ PCF7945


1). Currently PCF79XX chip support lock, unlock and read/write data.

2). RENEW function will be added in the coming days, it will load corresponding data and directly renew key, the detailed specific car model data will be released.

Two optional ways to read write PCF79XX chip:

1).Remove the chip and put it in the IC socket, select option “PCF79XX chip”

2). Connect wire to the circuit board, select option “PCF79XX adapter”

Note: If PCF79XX adapter option can’t recognize chip due to the affection of circuit board, just remove chip and put it in IC socket, then use option “PCF79XX chip” to operate.

VVDI PROG software interface introduction:

1).“EEPROM”: data storage space, it can read & write in protected status.

2).“EROM”: program memory space (equal to other chip’s FLASH space), it can read & write in unprotected status.

3).“Protected”: click “Protected” to lock chip and unable to read out chip data.

4).“Unprotected”: click “Unprotected” to unlock chip and able to read out chip data.

After unlock, the original data in the chip will be cleared.


Iprog Pro+ with 7 Adapters Plus Iprog PCF79XX SD-card Adapter:

Xhorse VVDI PROG Programmer plus PCF79XX Adapter

In conclusion:

1.Supported chip models: VVDI prog+ PCF79XX-Adapter-V2 supports two more PCF79XX chip models – PCF7922 and PCF7945 while Iprog+ Pro+ PCF79XX SD-card doesn’t support.

2.Price: VVDI prog+ PCF79XX-Adapter-V2 is more expensive.

For PCF7953 chip reading and writing, both the ECU programmers are good, it’s better to purchase irpog+ clone and SD-card adapter because of the cheaper price. But if you also want to use it on PCF7922 or PCF7945 chip, VVDI prog+ PCF79XX-Adapter-V2 is the winner.

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