V2.13 KESS V2 Software Installation Notice and Guide

Newest V2.11 software for KESS V2 has been just launched for a short period of time, and now obdtoolshop offers you the lastest V2.13 KESS V2, attached with lastes V2.13 softare.

Software Version: V2.13
Hardware Version: V 4.036
Pre-installation Important Tips:
1. Disable Internet connection and PC/Laptop CANNOT have anti-virus software;
2. KSuite V2.13 Software CANNOT be installed on for KESS V2 SE87 and SE87-B (Item Number you can search on OBDTool);
3. Supported OS: Windows XP and Win7;
PS: You are recommended to use our Ghost Windows XP Professional SP3;

Free Download File and Installation Guide PDF File:

How to install KSuite V2.13 software?
Note: Buy newest V2.13 on eobdtool.co.uk, we will send you the installation video;
1. Insert package-attached CD software into PC drive and open E:; Copy and paste KSuite V2.13 Folder into desktop; open this folder and then extractKSuite2.13 Zip File;

2. Then run Setup, you can easily finish K-Suite setup according to system prompts;

3. Next Right Click K-Suite and select Properties >> Find Target Folder, and then delete all files in it;

4. Open already extracted KSuite2.13 Folder; Copy all files (Except Help Folder) into C:K-Suite Folder;
5. Open KSuite v2.11-2.13 (E 🙂, Copy Help Folder into C:K-Suite Folder;
6. Connect KESS V2 device with PC, the PC will automatically come out Hardware Wizard Window asking for installation, easily complete via the prompts;

7. Check whether a good connection bewteen PC and KESS V2 device;

8. Run K-Suite Icon; the following part is some screen shots for Newest V2.13 KESS V2 Software:

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