Xhorse VVDI Mini Prog: In-depth Review


Finding reliable ECU programmers can be challenging, especially if one is not familiar with the technical stuff. There are several models on the market, and it can be tricky to know who is selling the right product or not. However, we have done proper research and analysis and come up with the greatest programmer out there. This review explores the features of the most compatible ECU programmer available. If you have been wondering where and what to get for your car, don’t worry; we have your back.


The Xhorse VVDI Mini Prog, a self-reliant, re-flashing and programming device that is considered among the best ECU tuning and programming tool.  It can clone memory devices, program modules, and read and write EEPROM data without soldering. Unlike the other programmers in the market that utilize soldering technology, the Xprog Mini is sleek, light, and solder-free. VVDI Mini Prog is a multifunctional device that has built-in batteries and supports the repair of many modules. This innovative chip can store data without depending on a PC. The cherry on top is that you do not need to remove the chip or cut the wire, as witnessed in its rivals. Some models of this Prog are furnished with complimentary adapters meant for models such as the Porsche BCM and Benz EIZ.  The futuristic Xhorse can connect to your smartphone through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth rather than through USB as most programmers do. It has an application, the Xhorse App, which supports both IOS and Android. You, therefore, need not carry a PC every time you want to use it. Who wouldn’t love an appliance that is not cumbersome anyway?

VVDI Mini Prog vs. VVDI Prog

Below is a summarized comparison of the two

Design And Hardware Weight: not more than 0.21 Kilograms

Dimensions: pocket-size; can be used via phone app

Power adapter: in-built 2550mAh battery that runs for 5 hours. Recharge current 1500mAh

Working temperature: -30 to 70 degrees Celsius

Storage temperature: room temperature

Weight: 1.4 kilograms


Dimensions: 146 x 85 x 28 mm

Power adapter: 12v/2A




Working temperature: -20 to 70 degrees Celsius

Storage temperature: -40 to 85 degrees Celsius








Outstanding Functions/ Features Solder- free Programming

EEPROM Reading and Writing

Data Editing

No need to lift the pin

IMMO Data Reading and Writing

No need to remove chip

Read and write ECU data

Connect to the App via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on both IOS and Android

Data local and cloud storage

Built-in battery

New remotes

Accurate identification of the pin connection status

Repair of multiple modules

Dashboard data reading and writing

Press header

Light and portable

new versions and upgrades

Chip data verification, check blank function

PCF79XX remote

Free Pin Code calculation service by Dump for several models

Read and write MC9S12XE series chips

Read and write BMW N20, N33 ECU

Vehicle Coverage Over 30 models including BENZ EIS/ EIZ, Porsche BCM, Landrover RFA, Volvo EM/KVM and BMW BDC/ CAS3/ CAS3+/ CAS4/ CAS4+/ FEM. The whole list found in the Xhorse app 30 models, including the BMW E and F series.


Xhorse VVDI Mini Prog: Detailed Review:

Professional Design And Hardware

The Xhorse Mini Prog is presented in a simple and sleek design that is all-fitting and appealing. Mini Prog weighs no more than 0.21 kilograms; thus, it’s light and very portable. It has its application hence no need for PC or computer. It is fitted with a built-in battery with a 2550 capacity and can run for over 5 hours. However, its standby time is more than five days. The complete package comes with three pin headers for different transponders, a fast USB interface of USB 2.0 cable, EEPROM Adapter, and a DB15 cable. The device is best stored at room temperature.

Features and Functions

Xhorse VVDI Mini Prog is available in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese. Any other language has to be activated by a verified Xhorse dealer.  Multi-module reading and writing such as IMMO, EEPROM, and ECU’s DFLASH and PFLASH of BMW, AUDI, VW is supported by Xhorse Mini. It supports dashboard data reading and writing being the pioneer of the Direct Pin Header Reading Chip. Additionally, it reads 95% of 8-pin IC chips using its 3 diverse pin headers directly without adapters. Also, it can be controlled remotely via Bluetooth and an app available on both Android and IOS. This makes it easier to operate as one only needs a smartphone

Being the first on the scene with a solder-free programming tool, Xhorse Mini Prog has made the reading and writing of modules more efficient in several car brands. This is a less complicated and faster way of programming that reduces data loss through solder skips. In addition, it supports local and cloud data storage and professional backup that can be reached via the app. Data backup can come in handy if one loses their gadgets or passwords. Nevertheless, it detects Pin Connection with great accuracy and gives notice when poor contact arises.

Warranty, Software Update, Price

MINI PROG has one year warranty solely based on the date on the transaction voucher but in instances where there is no transaction voucher, the factory date recorded by the manufacturer will prevail. However, the following situations cannot get free repairmen: damage caused by not following the user instructions, damage caused by repairing or retrofitting in private, damage caused by fall, crash or inappropriate voltage, and damage caused by using in harsh environments or on the vehicle and ship for a long time.

Software updates are timely and facilitated by the Xhorse app that notifies the user when the time is due. The device is currently going for $499.00 minimum

Marketed users

This programmer is perfect for both professional technicians and car owners without excessive technical knowledge. It is easy to use and has technical support anytime, anywhere through the app with friendly and powerful features.

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking for a suitable ECU programmer, then Xhorse Mini Prog is just it. Versatile, multifunctional, and simple, this device embodies speed, efficiency, and user-friendliness. With its app, this device is self-contained and provides services at your fingertips. The remote control via the app makes things more enticing. Xhorse Mini has a diverse reach with its wide variety of languages ensuring no one is left out.

The built-in battery saves the inconvenience caused by the need to use USB cables when doing outdoor work. Consider your search for the best programmer over because Xhorse VVDI Mini Prog is nothing but pure greatness!

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