Kess V2 Ksuite 2.53 Checksum Error (Solved)

Problem: Installing kess V2.53 software for kess V5.017 master. It prompted “Checksum error” and asks me to restart. I tried to restart my computer four times, but all failed. Here are the error pictures below.


It’s better to uninstall the software and download by this free link:

Password: i4cwgr (tested 100%)

Or Mega link (not tested):!Lol0GCZR!nOeibBrssBZGwzzvHAlNozrMV3VkVWIl9P0zBT6dcIo

Multi-language available: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French.

O.S: Works on Win XP  Win7 32bit Win 8 etc.

Tested on WIN7 32bit and it’s working fine.

Tested on WIN10 64bit and it’s working fine.

Kess V2.53 installation notice: 
1.Please do not update this tool online, or It will be damaged.
2.You have to connect with your car when you install the sw. (Otherwise sw can’t be installed successfully).

For the installation guide of Kess V2 Ksuite 2.53, please refer to this article:


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