How to Clone KIA MEG17.9.12 TCU on Bench with Launch X431 Tool?

x431 ecu programmer clone kia meg17.9.12 tcu 1

How to use Launch X431 ECU & TCU Programmer to clone KIA MEG17.9.12 TCU on Bench? Check the step-by-step guide below.   Connect X431 ECU Programmer to a computer via USB cable Run X-431 ECU & TCU Programmer software Input meg17.9.12 in the search box to quickly find Kia Cee’ d20 Continue Reading →

Which Tool Can Clone Mercedes- Benz 9G- Tronic VGS NAG3 Gearbox? Launch, OBDSTAR, Yanhua, CG, or Godiag?

x431 immo plus clone benz vgs nag3 gearbox 1

Which tool can clone Mercedes- Benz 9G- Tronic VGS NAG3 gearbox?   There are many brand tools support this function at Such as Launch X431 X-PROG3 PC Adapter, X431 ECU &TCU Programmer, X431 IMMO Plus/Elite, X431 PAD7, OBDSTAR DC706 ECU Tool, Yanhua Mini ACDP 1/ACDP 2, CG Continue Reading →

Use Launch X431 X431 X-Prog3 GIII with X-Prog3 PC Adaptor to Clone Buick E83 Engine Computer

launch x prog3 pc adapter clone buick e83 3

Use the Launch X-PROG3 PC Adaptor and X431 X-Prog3 to clone Buick E83 engine computer on bench, works like a charm!   Connection diagram: Device connection: Full connection: Run X-PROG3 PC Adaptor PC Software Note: For the first time using, need to activate device with serial number and Continue Reading →

How to Clone BMW MSV90 Engine Computer with Launch X431 ECU Programmer?

x431 ecu programmer clone bmw msv90 3

Confirmed! BMW MSV90 TC1796 engine computer can be cloned with Launch X431 ECU & TCU Programmer successfully, no need X431 tablet and X431 X-Prog3 programmer.   Main steps: Step 1: Read EEPROM and Flash data of original engine computer Step 2: Read EEPROM and Flash data of new engine com Continue Reading →

X431 X-Prog3 Adapter PC Software: Download, Install and Activate on Win10

launch x prog3 pc adapter software installation guide 1

Launch X431 X-Prog3 PC Adapter with PC software can work with Launch X-Prog3 Immobilizer Programmer to perform ECU read and write, data processing, anti-theft shutdown and file verification. For the first time using it, it requires you to download, install PC software and activate the device. X4 Continue Reading →

2023 Launch X431 ECU Programmer User Guide: Download, Install, Update and Activate

launch x431 ecu programmer user guide 2

If this is your first time using Launch X-431 ECU & TCU Programmer for ECU/TCU reading/writing, data processing, anti-theft shutdown or file verification, please follow this post to download, install, update, and activate the device step by step before operation.   Kindly notice: X431 EC Continue Reading →

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