Free download and install Ksuite 2.25

Ksuite 2.25 is tested 100% working fine with all available Kess /ktag fw7.020 master. This post offer mega free download link (also Chinese Weiyun link), and installation video on Youtube.


Ksuite 2.25 free download on mega!tt8GUITK!SpwKyDUPVDmY1-5hQmmRQClD_IjhjKtMY3Uxzeip0SA


Link 2:  Password: 46ip19

Works on XP, WIN7 (Try on WIN8 WIN10 at your own lucky)

Works on almost all Kess master (UKSE135, SE135-B, SE135-B1,SE135-C, SE135-E,SE135-F)


Very important!!!

Ksuite 2.25 installation on Ktag KTM100 FW V7.020 (UKSE135) is a little difference from that on others, because their driver is different.


  1. Ksuite 2.25 installation on Ktag KTM100 FW V7.020(UKSE135)


I attach several images on how to read & write Mercedes Bosch ME9.7.

  1. How to install Ksuite 2.25 on the other available Kess /Ktag Master FW 7.020 (SE135-B, SE135-B1,SE135-C, SE135-E,SE135-F)?

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