FoxFlash ECU TCU Clone and Chip Tuning Tool Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about FoxFlash:

Install on Win7 Win10 or Win11?

The answer :
you can work on Windows7 Windows10 Windows 11
but you need to use 64bits system .


How to Unlock VAG Simos PCR2.1 ECU with Foxflash by OBD?

Get Identity, and get an Ori, modify Ori and during write tool applies Patch.

Function requires network connection.

First, read by obd using unlock obd protocol. Fox Flash will give you a VR FILE.

Second, write a file selecting complete. it will stop at 6%, reboot the writing and then, at 6% again, it asks you to remove the key 120s, then unplug the battery 60s, then plug it 60s and then press ok before turning on ignition.

Fox flash will resume and will take about 20 min. You can now write selecting tables and takes about 3-5 min. Everything is explained in the manual, so it’s easy.


Whats the foxFlash?

FOX FLASH allows serial communication with the Engine and Automatic transmission control units via the OBD diagnostic socket.It also allows communication in:
BENCH MODE (or Service mode)
FULL SYSTEM via pinout


Can foxFlash have HPtuner unlock service?

Yes, it have, when you need unlock some ecu then work with HPtuner, you can contact us get a unlock file , after a performance, then you can work with you hptuner.
1:read all with foxFlash in boot mode, make a fullbackup
2:upload the backupfile to us
3:we will send back a unlock file to you
4:write back the file into pcm
5:try use hptuners vcm readout the pcm file then tune it
6:use dealers tool performance the VIN and IMMO system
7:car start,enjoy your fun.


How to use foxFlash correctly?

How to run foxFlash, must connect the usb cable to the tool

1:shutdown date and time automatically sync
2: shutdown defender
3: shutdown antivirus system
4: run foxFlash manager click the active button
5: keep foxFlash manager run
6: run foxFlash


Where can find my active code?

Hey, the SN is your code,you can find it at the backside of the tool, there have a white label.


foxFlash“There is An Error in XML Document” Solution

I have downloaded foxflash software but I cannot get it started. Software is not open and gives 2 errors.

Error 1: Fetech data: invalid JSON primitive.
Error 2: There is an error in the XML document.

Change another computer with Windows 10 64bit O/S.


Learn more about foxFlash:

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