Full UPA USB Scripts Download+ Install for UPA USB V1.3

A very useful UPA USB Scripts Collection sharing for free! Below you can download lots of UPA script files for UPA USB Programmer V1.3. Also know how to install and run these UPA scripts easily!


Free download Full UPA Scripts Collection for UPA USB 1.3:


Password: fiaz3099upa

Download UPA Script for Toyota Corolla 2013 93C66 Denso

(Newly added):



Easy way to install and run UPA V1.3 scripts?

Just put the script in Elrasoft\Devices Scripts folder, it will be loaded automatically when you start UPA USB V1.3 software.


Top 2 Recommended UPA USB Programmer V1.3:

UPA USB V1.3.0.14 with Full Adapters (Green PCB) €89.99


UPA USB V1.3 with UPA USB All Adapters (Red PCB) €99


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