How to Read Hyundai/Kia EDC17CP14 on Bench with PCMTuner/Foxflash

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One customer reported that he cannot read the Kia edc17cp14 by using PCMTuner with 71 module in bench mode. He tested on many ECUs but no results. Here is the suggestion from engineer. The following edc17cp14 pinout is for Hyundai/Kia. Do not try to read until the ID is successfu Continue Reading →

PCMTuner Common Problems and Solutions (Newest)

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Here have collected the newest and complete common problems and solutions for PCMTuner Magic Car Tool.   1.PCMTuner file integrity violated Solution: It’s an anti-virus software problem etc. Just need to close the anti-virus software and reinstall PCMTuner software. Continue Reading →

PASSAT B8 2.0 2015 EDC17C74 Work Great with PCMTuner on Bench

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It has been tested that PCMTuner works perfectly on PASSAT B8 2.0 2015 EDC17C74 by bench mode.   ECU info: PASSAT B8 2.0 2015 Diesel EDC17C74 Bosch number: 0281031066   There are 2 different pinout schemas for this Bosch EDC17C74 ECU. The detailed wiring diagram and operation instructi Continue Reading →