BDM Adapter Review: Write EDC17C46Vw Yeti 2014 with KTAG


I took some time to do a little review of these BDM connectors (China) for Ktag 2.23
I have already received the shipment and I have time to test them without problems in Bosch EDC16U1 and in bosch EDC17c46. before using them I have reviewed almost all of these and I have not had any problem with the circuits, the lines or the solders of the pins. Someone mentioned that I had problems with resistance and fortunately I did not have these problems. So far all circuits and components are well installed and functioning as it should be.

Here I attach some photoswhere you can see how I start writing on a Bosch EDC17c46 ECU from Vw Yeti 2014


the only thing I did not like is the connector for siemens pcr2.1.
I do not understand the connections very well since they do not coincide with the Ksuit scheme



I bought all from this seller: the bdm frame with adapters

and the ktag