CG FC200 ECU Programmer and ISN OBD Reader V1.0.2.1 Update Log and Software Download

CG FC200 ECU Programmer ISN OBD Reader newly update to v1.0.2.1, new models added, some bugs was fixed, optimize software performance, detailed information, please check the update log

V1.0.2.1 NEW(2021.11.15)

1.Optimize the wiring diagram of BOOT mode of Bosch engine

2.Relaunch Bosch ME17.9.11 engine

3.Upgrade log for handling Spanish errors

4.Fix some bugs and optimize software performance

V1.0.2.0 New (2021.11.02)

1.New ECU (Audi/Seat/Volkswagen/Skoda/Benz/Aston Martin/Aston/Maserati/Hyundai/Kia/Piaggio/Suzuki/Dacia/Renault/Smart/Ford/Opel/ Saab/Vauxhall/Citroen/Jaguar/Land Rover/Peugeot) Read and write VIN: MED17.1.21, MED17.1.27, MED17.1.10, EDC17C66, MED17.7.7, MED17.7.5, MED17.3.4, EDC17C08, EDC17C57, ME17 .9.61, ME17.9.20, MED17.0.1, EDC17C19, EDC17CP42, MED17.4.2, MED17.9.9, MEDC17.9

2.New Bosch engine platform mode: MG1CS042

3.Optimize the password reading method of the boot mode of the doctor series engine

4.Optimized the operation interface of PFLASH calibration function

5.Fix some bugs and optimize software performance

CG FC200 V1.02.1 software download link:

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