FGTech “Can not find driver” problem what to do?


When install FGTech Galletto 2, the FTReadWrite replied “Can’t find device” error message. When trying to uninstall the driver, the window screen warmed it is not FGTECH device, but USB-to-Serial device. If install the driver, fgtech software did not run and FTReadWrite or MProg didn’t find the ftdi chip. Try to install the driver on both win 7 and win xp computer over and over, but in vain.


1) Download and install the Virtual Com Port drivers from FTDI website:

Virtual COM Port Drivers

2) Then connect the FGTech to computer via USB port which had no device programmed and 1 blank device when the MProg Utility it shows.

NOTE: If you had backup and reprogram with the ept file. The system will not recognize the FGTECH Galletto 2 and will not reprogram the firmware bin file. The Virtual Com Port Drivers would overlay the fgtech ECU programmer. Then you have to again download the related driver in FTDI website.

CMD Uninstaller 1.4

3) After install the right drivers, FTReadWrite programmed the backup firmware file, run FGTech software by referring to the user manual on obd365 webpage.

www.eobdtool.co.uk here offers some FGTECH related files download.

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