Foxflash Unlock Service as HPtuner User Guide

has the unlock service as hptuner. When you need unlock some ECUs then work with HPtuner, you can contact us get a unlock file, after a performance, then you can work with your HPTuner.

how to use foxflash unlock service as hptuner 1


Here are the operation steps.

Step 1: Read all with foxFIash software in boot mode, make a full backup

Step 2: Upload the backup file to us

Step 3: We will send back a unlock file to you

Step 4: Write back the file into PCM/ECM/TCM

Step 5: Try to use hptuner’s vcm to read out the PCM file then tune it

Step 6: Use dealer tool performance the VIN and IMMO system

Step 7: Car start.


*HP Tuners offers TCM/ECM/PCM unlock service for tuning support in the latest version of VCM Suite.


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