Galletto 1260 read/write full flash from MS43/MS42

Hi to All! Just finished free app to read and write MS42/MS43 full flash in bootmode, using Galletto 1260 ecu flash tool and JMGarageFlasher

Galletto-1260-read-write-full-flash-MS43-MS42-1 Galletto-1260-read-write-full-flash-MS43-MS42-2

For an educational purpose, I would elaborate on this process of DME programming to comprehend the process and get a grasp of what exactly needs to be done. Wish it’s helpful.

1.First of all, you need to remove ECU from car.

2.Turn off 4 torx bolts from case and extract the mainboad.


  1. Locate 104 boot pin


  1. Short boot pin to GND
  2. Put “+12V” and “-” to your black(2 pins) socket connected to Galletto


  1. Connect K-line from white(2pins) socket to ECU


  1. Connect power to ECU


AFTER 6 Seconds(from power connected) remove wire beetween 104pin and GND.

That’s all. ECU now in bootmode and you can “connect”


– L-line no need

– 12V and GND is direct power source to black(2pin) and to ECU (4/7 and 26)

– 64kb is only calibration (tables and constants) read by Galletto

– 512 is full flash memory read by JMGarageFlasher

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