How to Solve Carprog Opel Astra MT35E “Could not receive CAN KWP frame”

I connect the carprog with A1 cable to Opel astra with MT35E ecu and the carprog program say “Could not receive CAN kwp frame”, what is the problem? How to solve it?

How to read MT35E with Carprog?

FYI, same problem with ori carprog on some mt35e.

Do not have much to do, but this just give joy. I had the same problem, with MT35E, try reading a previously Vectra from OBD and pin-out and did not connect. Now with that MT35E, same but a different error, I was looking online and found a schematic of connector A1. I opened mine and the surprise was that in the R1 and R4, which should be a SMD 103 (10k) resistance, had mounted capacitor. Look at my scrapping plates and found 103, capacitors replaced it and returned you to try. I read 2 eproom and am now reading the flash. The error was finalized.

I hope you might help. Upload photo with parts A1 to compared yours.

a greeting

Thanks to @ elremont, this solution 100% work on MT35 ecu.

Good clone Carprog V8.21 Software V10.93 with All 21 Adapters:

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