How to update MPPS V18 to 2017 version

2017 MPPS V18 firmware updated! The new mpps v18 China comes with better protection components (imported, not made by Chinese).


The left- 2017 mpps v18 with imported components protected firmware well

The right- 2016 old mpps v18 china clone



For details of 2017 mpps v18 from China, look at this



2017 mpps v18 clone price: 85


2017 mpps v18 windows 7:


2017 mpps v18 windows 10:


2017 mpps v18 software download:


2017 mpps v18 car list:


2017 mpps v18 review:


Mpps v18 clone or mpps v18 original:


Mpps v18 china clone version 1 or version 2:


Mpps v18 clone vs mpps v21 clone:


Mpps v18 vs kess v2 vs ktag vs fgtech 4:


MPPS V18 Tricore cable:


MPPS V18 User Manual:

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